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Our responsibility is to serve you personally and individually for a long time.

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accounting made easy-accounting in Switzerland


Our services include all of your economic and tax-related matters as well as comprehensive advice.

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fast and easy company establishment-Accounting in Switzerland

Company Establishment – easy, fast & cheap

We offer a simple and cost-effective way to establish a limited liability company or a corporation.

by Capital contribution:
by contribution in kind:
a) GmbH (Ltd.)   Fr. 780.—

b) AG                  Fr. 980.—
a) GmbH (Ltd.)   Fr.   980.—

b) AG                  Fr. 1480.—

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Tax Returns-Tax Savings-Tax Optimisation-Accounting in Switzerland

Tax optimization means tax saving

We know everything about innovations and deductions. In this way, we minimise tax expenditure and avoid disadvantages and penalties.

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Operative insurance-business insurance-Accounting in Switzerland

Business Insurance

... Before you slip elsewhere.

We offer thorough and neutral counselling directed to your needs.

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Advice & Support

Free inscription in the commercial register

Counseling, pre-seed and notary mediation

There is no cheaper service!

GmbH-Establishment Fr. 780.—
AG-Establishment Fr. 980.—

plus the registration fees of the commercial register

We always put you first

— Because our main goal is the success of your business.

Best Services by Treuhand- und Buchhaltungsdienste Bern

The core of our business is your trust.

With our services, our professional skills, continuous professional development and experience, we can fully meet your expectations.                   ... Visit us ...

Aktion bei Berner Temporär in Bern - Fr. 300.- Preisvorteil

ACTION - Limited Time Offer

Commission us as trustee of your company

We provide one-time inscription cost worth

Fr. 300.-

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Berner Temporär - Treuhanddienste

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Trustee in Bern
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Trustee in Bern | Accounting & Trustee in Bern

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Accounting & Trustee in Bern

Company establishment
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Company Establishment – easy, fast & cheap by Accounting & Trustee in Bern

Tax advice
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Steuerberatung und Steuererklärung bei Accounting & Trustee in Bern

20,000. - for setting up your limited company
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Steuerberatung und Steuererklärung bei Accounting & Trustee in Bern

Business Insurance
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Company Assurances | by Treuhand- un Versicherungscenter
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